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An assistant professor of computer science at the University of Central Florida was arrested at his office last week and faces two charges of stalking, the Orlando Sentinel reported. The professor, Ali Borji, allegedly sent 800 messages per day to a Ph.D. student, watched her exercise through the window at her gym and followed her in his car. The student said Borji originally reached out to her on Facebook and offered to help her with her studies shortly after she met him, last summer. She said they went out several times before she told Borji that she did not want a relationship, but he did not stop contacting her.

After she threatened to inform the police, Borji allegedly sent the student an email saying, “We are just one step away from eternal happiness,” according to police. The woman said she left the campus in the fall to escape Borji but that he continued to contact her and seek her out when she returned to campus in the spring, even threatening to create an artificial-intelligence facsimile of her and “do anything he wanted.” He also allegedly told the student that she should be "happy that somebody likes you this much to stalk you." Borji resigned from the university prior to his arrest and may not trespass on campus, a Central Florida spokesperson said.