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Black Students at Grinnell Seek Changes

November 10, 2022

Black students at Grinnell College are demanding changes after a series of racial incidents, The Des Moines Register reported.

In October, at least 14 cars were covered with racist and white supremacist graffiti. The Black Student Union also reports that Black students have been the targets of racial harassment by white drivers in the area.

The college administration has condemned the racist incidents. Anne Harris, the president, said Grinnell has ordered security cameras for the first time. “We’re going to hold someone accountable to the full extent that we can,” Harris said.

Many Black students are walking in pairs to protect themselves.

Loyal Terry, co-spokesperson for the Black Student Union and president of the Student Government Association, said people often view Grinnell as a “bubble.” But, he said, “the bubble’s burst.”

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