Smoking by Students Declines

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Analysis by American Lung Association suggests that college policies could be strengthened to further discourage tobacco use.

Cruise Virus Becomes Campus Virus

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As Georgetown students recover, possible outbreak hits U. of Southern California, and other incidents are likely.

Health, Behavior and College GPA

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Your mother always told you that doing drugs and watching too much TV would hurt your grades. A new study proves it.

The Mental Health of Students and Non-Students

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Major national study finds that disorders are widespread -- and treatment is not -- for those who are 19-25, regardless of their enrollment status.

Rules Seek to Clarify FERPA

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Post-Virginia Tech, Education Department wants to assure colleges about the student information they can release.

Counting Cancer Cases Among Alumni

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Responding to fears of a possible cluster among young Susquehanna U. graduates, new state health report finds no environmental explanation for higher rates of illnesses.

Mental Health on Campus

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25% of students receiving mental health services have seriously considered suicide, according to new national study.

Swine Flu Hits Several Campuses

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U. of Delaware reports 10 probable cases. Several colleges call off student trips to Mexico or bring students home early.

Swine Flu Impact

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Texas Wesleyan, Western Oregon and Harvard Dental close temporarily. Northeastern seeks to prevent handshakes at today's graduation ceremonies.

When To Call a Flu Day

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Some colleges with cases of H1N1 close down, while others stay open.


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