Loan programs

Textbooks, Barriers and Aid Forms

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Federal advisory panel hears testimony on a range of topics relating to college access and affordability.

Private Lender Accused of Misleading Students

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National advocacy group asks U.S. trade panel to examine Loan to Learn's advertising practices .

Lender Overcharged U.S. $1 Billion, Audit Finds

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Education Department’s inspector general says Nelnet inappropriately “recycled” loans at 9.5% interest rate.

Lender's 2 Tickets to Paradise

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It says something about the climate for financial aid and student loans these days that in many of his recent speeches, A. Dallas Martin has taken to reading his audience -- usually financial aid officers, lenders and others -- the ethics statement promulgated by his group, the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators.

Pell Grants Down, Tuition Up

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Decline in key program for poor is among worrisome aid trends in annual survey on college costs, which again outpace inflation.

Vacancy in Nevis

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Student loan company cancels Caribbean conference to which it had invited financial aid officers and guests, all expenses paid.

Turning Blue from College Costs

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A partisan pollster said that young voters think Democrats can better confront the college affordability crunch.

Bumpy Ride Ahead for Bankers

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With Democratic takeover in Congress, those in the student loan industry might have reason for concern. 

Showdown on Student Aid Ethics

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At loan industry meeting, president of upstart lender confronts head of financial aid officials' group on gifts policy at its conference.

An Outline with Few Details

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Incoming chair of House education committee addresses -- quite generally -- higher ed issues for the year ahead.


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