Loan programs

Clinton will reportedly propose 3-month moratorium on repaying student loans

During a three-month hiatus, borrowers would be encouraged to refinance at lower interest rates.

What other countries can teach the U.S. about student loans

Could student loan repayment models from other countries work in the United States?

Obama administration plans to revamp how Education Department collects student loans

After years of criticism from companies it hires to collect student loan payments, the Education Department plans to create a single standardized portal for borrowers to make payments.

Civil liberties and consumer groups sue Education Department for debt collection records

Federal lawsuit seeks to force the Education Department to provide information about its debt collection practices, including their impact on minority borrowers.

Obama administration finalizes new restrictions on campus debit cards and other financial products

The new rules include a prohibition on overdraft fees for campus debit cards and a requirement for colleges to publicly disclose agreements with banks and other financial institutions.

Appeals court says borrowers can sue major student loan agency

In a decision hailed by consumer advocates, a federal appeals court rules that a major student loan agency is not immune from lawsuits.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Eyes New Rules for Student Loan Servicers

Armed with a new report outlining student loan servicing problems, the consumer bureau says it's exploring tougher new regulation of the industry.

Judge approves Corinthian liquidation plan, leaving $4 million for student loan discharge efforts

Corinthian's court-approved liquidation plan will provide $4.3 million for former students, which they will use to press U.S. to grant more sweeping discharges for students of the defunct for-profit chain.

Obama administration will draft new rules on student debt relief, with focus on college accountability

Obama administration plans to clarify when defrauded student loan borrowers can have their loans forgiven -- and give the Education Department new tools to go after colleges.

CFPB investigates for-profit Ashford University's lending program

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is launching an investigation into Bridgepoint Education and Ashford University's student lending practices.


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