Loan programs

Bucking the Tide on Private Loans

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Barnard effort suggests colleges may be able to dissuade students from risky, growing and controversial form of borrowing.

Accidentally Into the Loan Wars

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Responding to scandal, U. of North Carolina tells all campuses to list at least 3 lenders. That's unfair to colleges in direct lending, advocates say.

Senators Side With Students

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With backers of budget bill framing choice starkly, lawmakers reject measure that would have softened cuts to loan providers.

Sallie Mae Directors to Profit Handsomely

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Board members, some with strong ties to higher ed, will share $370 million in profit in sale of student loan behemoth.

Embrace Student Loan Reforms, Spellings Urges

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Education secretary, portraying department as acting aggressively, says colleges and lenders should adopt principles and not wait for new rules or laws.

Advice for the Education Department

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Scores of colleges, lenders and others comment on proposals to change U.S. rules governing student loan programs and college-lender relationships.

College Board Ends Loan Activities

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New state law and pending federal rules would have barred the organization from being a lender while also reimbursing college officials who attend its meetings.

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

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Senate student loan report is short on new charges, but fleshes out evidence that colleges often solicited benefits they got from lenders.

Student Loan Default Rates Recover

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After 1-year rise, proportion of 2005 borrowers who defaulted on loans in first year of repayment falls to 4.6 percent, a near-record low.

Ending an Experiment

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Education Department decision to kill off program aimed at reducing loan defaults troubles guarantors, lawmakers and even advocates for students.


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