Loan programs

Cuomo, Back on the Scene

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After months of relative silence on student loans, New York's attorney general reaches settlements with lenders (valued at $1.4 million) over their marketing directly to borrowers.

Extended Relief for Student Borrowers (and Lenders)

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Congressional leaders agree to extend for a year the "temporary" law that has been credited with ensuring availability of federal student loans.

Default Rates, Maligned, Rise to 5.2%

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Proportion of 2006 borrowers who failed to repay student loans grew, with career institutions leading the way.

Catfight in California

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Long-simmering tension between state student aid commission and its student loan subsidiary boils over into accusation of federal rule breaking.

One Student, and Thousands of Dollars, at a Time

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In response to student loan crunch, Spelman College pioneers new initiative to help students at risk of not graduating because of serious financial shortfalls.

One for the Little Guy

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Federal appeals court sides with student loan borrower in bankruptcy fight with the country's biggest loan guarantee agency.

Surprising Impact of Student Loan Crunch

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46% of private colleges report that some students have "stopped out" of school or shifted to part-time study because they could not get private loans to pay tuition.

More U.S. Help for Student Loan Providers

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Education Dept. plans to replicate existing programs to ease flow of funds to students and colleges, and add a third to try to ease choked credit markets.

Battling Over Bailout for Private Student Loans

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After financial aid officers' group urges federal government to extend financial help to providers of alternative loans, student and college associations take the other side, aggressively.

Left Out by the Bailout

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Thousands of student borrowers who got back on track to repay loans after defaulting may be out in the cold because of the financial crisis, even as U.S. helps other lenders and students.


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