Loan programs

Unusual (and Improper) Way to Lower Default Rates

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Federal audit finds that New York for-profit college paid off students' loans to protect itself -- then turned delinquent borrowers over to collection agencies.

The Government Gets It Right

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As federal agencies formally unveil plan to avert student loan availability crisis, officials earn grudging credit from players across the political and student aid spectrum.

Instituting a New Program, While Holding Their Noses

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College financial aid administrators prepare to help students understand a complicated new federal grant for teachers in training, of which many were critical.

Rethinking Student Aid -- Really?

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Idea of making federal system of allocating financial aid simpler and more effective gains momentum, but political impediments await.

Matching Borrower With Lender, Social-Network Style

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A new crop of online student lending services is approaching its first full semester in business. Will the "people to people" model catch on as a new source of alternative loans?

Containing the Taint of Loan Defaults

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Hoping to draw more community colleges into the federal loan program, 2 groups urge Education Department to make it clearer that few borrowers at 2-year institutions fail to repay their loans.

State Agencies Get Creative on Student Loans

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As usual sources of financial backing dry up, Illinois and North Carolina loan providers work with state credit unions to ensure continued flow of funds to student borrowers.

Cuomo, Back on the Scene

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After months of relative silence on student loans, New York's attorney general reaches settlements with lenders (valued at $1.4 million) over their marketing directly to borrowers.

Extended Relief for Student Borrowers (and Lenders)

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Congressional leaders agree to extend for a year the "temporary" law that has been credited with ensuring availability of federal student loans.

Default Rates, Maligned, Rise to 5.2%

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Proportion of 2006 borrowers who failed to repay student loans grew, with career institutions leading the way.


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