Loan programs

Audit Finds U.S. Overpayments to Lender

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Pa. student loan provider received at least $33 million through now-revoked loophole in federal law, and government is urged to recoup funds.

A More Meaningful Default Rate

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Congress's proposed change in how student loan defaults are measured would raise rates and most likely toughen scrutiny of for-profit colleges.

The Cheaper Student Loan Program?

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Lenders say federal budget numbers now show that the guaranteed loan program costs the government less than direct lending. Should that change the equation?

A Gloomy Projection on Lender Profits

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Student loan industry experts consider implications for future in the wake of massive cuts to federal subsidies.

A Reminder From New York

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After months of silence on student loans, Cuomo announces another settlement, unveils new code of conduct, and warns Congress not to dally on Higher Education Act reforms.

Molding the TEACH Grant Program

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Federal program to draw students into "high need" teaching fields troubles college leaders because grants will turn to loans if students get off track.

Default Rates Projected to Soar

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U.S. data show proposed change in student loan default calculation would send rates higher, troubling for-profit colleges.

A Student Loan Credit Crunch -- But for Whom?

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Lenders are feeling the pain. But as federal officials and traditional colleges minimize impact on students, career college backers bemoan effects and predict damage will spread.

Hedging Bets on Student Loan Availability

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Even as aides play down seriousness of credit crunch now, Kennedy hatches plan to give Congress flexibility to raise limits later on students' federal borrowing.

Playing Politics on Student Loans

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At House hearing on "credit crunch," partisan bickering obscures general consensus that federal intervention would be premature.


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