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Surprising Impact of Student Loan Crunch

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46% of private colleges report that some students have "stopped out" of school or shifted to part-time study because they could not get private loans to pay tuition.

More U.S. Help for Student Loan Providers

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Education Dept. plans to replicate existing programs to ease flow of funds to students and colleges, and add a third to try to ease choked credit markets.

Battling Over Bailout for Private Student Loans

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After financial aid officers' group urges federal government to extend financial help to providers of alternative loans, student and college associations take the other side, aggressively.

Left Out by the Bailout

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Thousands of student borrowers who got back on track to repay loans after defaulting may be out in the cold because of the financial crisis, even as U.S. helps other lenders and students.

Obama Ed Budget Passes First Test

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In first Congressional appearance, Duncan faces relatively little criticism of president's ambitious college proposals -- even on plan to end lender-based loan program.

Big Savings From Loan Proposal

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Congressional Budget Office projects eliminating guaranteed loan program will save $94 billion, double the White House estimate.

Delay for Loan Auction, Help for Borrowers

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Bill to correct Higher Education Act errors would make several substantive changes, including putting off controversial bidding process for federal parent loans.

A 'Third Way' on Student Loans?

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WASHINGTON -- The Obama administration's 2010 budget proposal in February to eliminate the lender-based guaranteed student loan program poured gasoline on the longstanding (and, to many, tiresome) debate over whether that program or the federal government's competing direct loan program is more efficient, cost effective, etc.

'The Student Loan Scam'

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Not everyone would willingly choose to become the public face of the debt-ridden. Alan Collinge didn't exactly choose to do so, defaulting on $38,000 in student loans only after a series of missteps and strokes of misfortune, but he has embraced his situation with gusto, founding to advocate for distressed borrowers and now writing a book, The Student Loan Scam (Beacon Press).

Arne Duncan, Free Marketeer

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Questioned on college prices by House members, education secretary suggests that students and parents will increasingly abandon high-tuition institutions for less-costly alternatives.


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