Canadian universities report surge in U.S. students committing to enroll

American students -- at record numbers -- are accepting offers of admissions from Canadian universities. So are students from other parts of the world.

Head of McGill's Canadian studies institute resigns after column offensive to some Quebecers

Director of McGill Institute for the Study of Canada steps down after publishing column critical of Quebec, and many raise questions about academic freedom.

Ontario college to stop operating male-only campus in Saudi Arabia

Ontario college cites financial reasons in withdrawing from its male-only campus in Saudi Arabia, but others, citing human rights grounds, question the original decision to be there.

Indigenous professor denied tenure claims narrow focus on peer-reviewed publications is discriminatory

A professor of indigenous ancestry who lost a tenure bid due to a lack of peer-reviewed publications is claiming the university was biased in discounting her "nontraditional" scholarship.

After his sculpture caricaturing the university president was seized and dismantled, professor creates new piece

After university officials seized and dismantled a professor's sculpture caricaturing the university president, he created a whole new piece consisting, in part, of the original components. 

In Canada, a push for international students -- and immigrants

Country steps up its recruitment of international students with a goal of attracting more skilled immigrants.

Foreign universities consider how best to enter the MOOC market


Non-American universities consider different options for entering the MOOC market, which to date has been dominated by elite U.S. institutions.

Neumann's major NCAA violation: grants for Canadians


Neumann University's payments to Canadian athletes land it two years of NCAA probation.

Accountability, Canadian Style

Government seeks to measure and reward quality. Professors grumble a bit. Ring a bell?

A Small World

New Jersey university wins approval from British Columbia to set up campus in Vancouver for students from Asia.


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