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Students in SUNY Oswego sweatshirts gather together for a photo.

How Al Roker and the Faculty
Helped Land Students

At SUNY Oswego, officials declared that everyone—including alumni and professors—was involved in admissions, and it worked.

Silhouette of a person wearing a graduation cap.

Decline in Male, Black and Latino Students
Planning on College

For the high school Class of 2022, they all showed declines in the percentage wanting to go to college, compared to the last class before the pandemic.

Students in blue graduation robes and caps.

Why Students Go to Graduate School

Higher percentage than in the past will seek financial assistance.

The Week in Admissions News

Record high for discount rates; Boston U orientation director resigns; New York’s free tuition primarily helps middle-income students; AP in precalculus; will Biden forgive all debt?

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