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May 1, 2012
This deal could either mean very little or quite a bit for higher ed, depending on how committed Microsoft is to education. Barnes & Noble has 641 college bookstores. Someday soon these bookstores will stop selling dead tree textbooks. Every book, article and textbook on your syllabus will be digital. 
May 1, 2012
My state is considering tying individual colleges’ shares of the state higher ed allocation to “performance” on a series of measures. And it has no intention of increasing the size of the allocation.  In other words, for Northern State to get more, Southern State would have to get less. We’ll be funded on a curve.
May 1, 2012
Reflections on a second semester using peer-driven learning, and how social media makes me a better teacher.
May 1, 2012
Writer, editor, teacher, Dinty W. Moore shares some thoughts about writing in a conversation about his new book, The Mindful Writer.
May 1, 2012
News of the unexpected death of a former collaborator has me thinking about my own life and my legacy. Where have I come from, where I am now, and where am I going?
April 30, 2012
We're getting close to the tail end of the 36-week-long experiment called #change11, or “the mother of all MOOCs.”
April 30, 2012
Late Spring is always difficult. It’s the end of the academic year, so that brings with it the Revenge of the Rubber Chicken Circuit -- a cascading series of evening events calculated specifically to defeat family time. Each event is worthwhile in its own right, of course, but the sheer number of them becomes wearing.
April 30, 2012
I read Why Nations Fail this month while traveling in South Korea. The book was much on my mind as I looked across the DMZ at North Korea on the 38th parallel. South Korea, a country of about 50 million people, enjoys a per capital PPP (purchasing power parity) GDP of around $32,000.
April 30, 2012
When doing research, sometimes it is easy to forget about the actual research project as you jump through all the hoops to get your IRB approved, find your subjects, honing in on your questions, etc.  For those of us doing more qualitative work, there can be another huge layer of work involved interviewing subjects will be a part of your study.  I wanted to look closely at some other factors that can help prepare interviewers beyond the simple adage of "don't ask close ended questions!"
April 29, 2012
Half of new bachelor’s degree grads are either unemployed or underemployed, according to the Associated Press. The market isn’t ready to absorb them.



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