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Getting Around the Courts

New Arizona law would bar public colleges and universities from applying anti-bias rules to religious groups or students.

Rules Shifts After Federal Push

Education Department's letter has prompted some colleges to speed up planned changes in procedures on sexual assaults.

Gay Linebackers

As recently as a few years ago, some gay football players endured intense homophobia, described in a preliminary study. But some say the climate is improving, for all athletes.

Equal Time for 'Traditional Values'

The Texas House of Representatives has passed a budget bill that would require any public college with a student center...

Anti-Israel, Anti-Semitic or Both?

Statement by leaders of AAUP and American Jewish Committee calls for more precision in distinguishing between criticism and bigotry.

The Enduring Gender Gap in Pay

Female faculty members earn 6.9% less than male colleagues, even after accounting for most of the factors cited in the past to explain discrepancies.

Missing From the Stacks

Illinois librarians say deep ethnographic research is the best way to learn how to serve Latino students.

Athletes for Gay Rights

A straight star in college wrestling launches organization to promote equity in sports for people of all orientations.