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A Rare Washington Compromise?

At a Senate hearing, Education Secretary Arne Duncan and Republicans suggest they could find common ground on changing student loan interest rates to a market-based formula.

Big Disruption, Big Questions

Possible end game for competency-based education emerges with five new "direct assessment" programs, as foundations and experts discuss how to ensure academic quality.

And So It Begins

With concurrent hearings, Congress takes the first tentative steps toward reauthorizing the Higher Education Act.

Expert Testimony Restored

A federal appeals court finds a lower court should not have excluded expert testimony in a case in which a student sued her college for negligence.

Taxing International Student Tuition

In Washington state, legislators propose a 20 percent surcharge on international student tuition. The universities worry that students will stop coming.

Wrong Solutions on Loans

Yes, student loan debt is a major problem, but the proposals offered by both President Obama and Senate Republicans won't solve it, writes Aaron Smith.

Interests Diverge on Interest Rates

When President Obama's budget proposal emerges today, it is expected to include a proposal for a market-based student loan interest rate, putting him at odds with student advocates who were former allies.

Two Pell Grants?

A new report on rethinking financial aid calls for splitting the main federal need-based-aid program in two, with one grant for adult students and another for traditional-age students.