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Tough Words for TRIO

A new policy brief from the Brookings Institution calls for overhauling federal college preparation programs.

Public University Accountability 2.0

Reboot of Voluntary System of Accountability aims to give institutions more flexibility in reporting student learning -- but new options (including non-standardized one) may not have expanded enough to win many converts.

Aid Applicants With 2 Mothers

Changes to the FAFSA will collect information on both parents in a same-sex marriage or who are unmarried but living together.

A Congressman's Own Peer Review

One U.S. representative blasts her colleague for questioning the wisdom of specific National Science Foundation grants, warning of unprecedented "political intrusion."

Reserve Judgment

State lawmakers say the U. of Wisconsin system’s budget balances are excessive. Higher education officials say that criticism is a misreading of how university budgets work. It’s not the first such conflict, and it won’t be the last.

Voting With No Confidence

As the number of faculty votes of dissatisfaction with university administrators rises, the influence of such votes seems to wane.

A Public Mimics Its Private Peers

New financing policy at William & Mary embraces “high tuition/high aid” model, while emphasizing middle class affordability and investing in academic quality.

A Better Factory Model

The factory production model can work as a means for evaluating community college efficiency, write Clive Belfield and Davis Jenkins.