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Going Digital by Knowing Digital

College and universities ramp up initiatives to help students think critically and learn more about digital tools -- but faculty members and administrators don't always agree on the approach.

The Career Curriculum Continuum

Universities can and must remain at the center of how people learn throughout their lives, Andrew Hermalyn writes.

Digital Learning in 'Inside Higher Ed' This Week

The following news items of interest to "Inside Digital Learning" readers received coverage in Inside Higher Ed this week: Professors...

Building the Field of Public Interest Technology

Higher education must give the next generation of technology and policy leaders the interdisciplinary training they need to succeed, write Anne-Marie Slaughter, Darren Walker and Larry Kramer.

The Wrong Partnership?

Purdue professors say it is wrong for the university to work with Chegg, whose services they see as helping students cheat.

Another State Plans Online College

The University of Massachusetts System wants to compete with Southern New Hampshire and Purdue Global. Details on cost and strategy are still trickling in.

A University Goes It (Mostly) Alone Online

Southern Methodist University works with two online program management companies. For all future online programs, it plans to bring the operations in-house, citing mission and money.

A Guide to Using Private Companies for Online Education

A South African university research center issued a report this week that assesses how different universities are working with outside...