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Parental Involvement and Teacher Perceptions

How important is parental involvement in a child’s education? In today's Academic Minute, the University of Missouri's Keith Herman examines...

Sanders Keeps Focus on Free College

The Vermont senator’s proposal includes free tuition and fees at public universities for all students with family income up to $125,000 and would cut student loan interest rates in half.

Taking Background Checks Too Far?

Professors at Lehigh object to records check and fingerprinting policy they say goes beyond what is required under Pennsylvania law and to protect minors -- and beyond what's reasonable.

Consolidating Community Colleges

Connecticut system hopes for big savings by running 12 campuses centrally and combining back-office functions at colleges and universities.

Student Debt and Home Buying

Federal Reserve Bank of New York study suggests student loans don't play a major role in limiting borrowers' ability to buy a home later.

Mixed Opinion in Suit on Group's Israel Boycott

In a mixed opinion, a federal judge ruled Friday to dismiss a claim that the American Studies Association operated outside...

For-Profit Westech College Shutters Abruptly

Westech College, a for-profit college with three campuses in Southern California, shut down this week citing financial issues, the Los...

A 4-Step Program for Cellphone-Dependent Students

How can you get students to put down their cellphones and engage in class? Dwight DeWerth-Pallmeyer offers some suggestions for helping them give up their addiction.