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The Aftermath at Middlebury

New details on shouting down of a speaker add to the soul-searching: professor was attacked after event; nonstudents were among those involved; president vows to promote value of free expression.

Berkeley Will Delete Online Content

Starting March 15, the university will begin removing more than 20,000 video and audio lectures from public view as a result of a Justice Department accessibility order.

Leveling the Playing Field for Independent Bookstores

Association of nonleased campus stores unveils network designed to reduce their dependence on textbook profits and let colleges retain revenues many now pay to companies to operate the stores.

Report: Trump Budget Will Kill Sea Grant Funds

President Trump's budget proposal will seek to eliminate the Sea Grant Program, which supports coastal research at 33 universities, The...

University of Phoenix President to Step Down

Timothy Slottow, president of the University of Phoenix since 2014, has announced plans to step down, citing personal reasons. Phoenix...

Report on Adult-Serving Colleges and Alternative Credentials

A new study examines how six adult-serving institutions are defining and using alternative credentials such as badges, noncredit certificates and...

Saint Louis University to Cut More Than 100 Jobs

Saint Louis University will notify staff members and administrators Tuesday whether they are among the 4 percent of university employees...

The Gender of Incremental Leadership

University of Virginia President Teresa Sullivan and U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton have a similar leadership style, writes Charlie Tyson, and public reaction to it says a good deal about how our society pigeonholes women with power.