Loan programs

New America report provides snapshot of rising debt burdens of graduate students

New snapshot shows that borrowers are taking out more loans to pay for their advanced degrees across a range of disciplines.

Senate negotiators reach (another) student loan deal

Compromise would tie federal student loan interest rates to financial market, cap them, and direct some savings to reducing the deficit. Senate approval is not a sure thing.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to seek oversight of loan servicers

After a slew of complaints about federal and private loan processing and collection, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau seeks oversight of the largest servicers.

A look at all 15 Reimagining Aid Design and Delivery reports from the Gates Foundation

Examining the results of the Gates Foundation's efforts to change the conversation around federal financial aid.

Sequester would hit higher education programs hard

If mandatory spending cuts go into effect Jan. 1, many federal higher education programs will lose about 8 percent of their funding.

Sociologists examine patterns of student debt, gender and class

Sociologists' research on different borrowing patterns of men and women, and of those from different wealth levels, illustrate ways that opportunity may be endangered.

Data show student borrowers over 30 a growing population

Data from the New York Fed show student borrowers are increasingly over 40, including some still paying back their own loans while borrowing for their children's education.

U.S. judge invalidates federal rule governing college vocational programs

Federal court finds that Education Dept. lacked adequate justification for one key measure in new regulations.

What we don't know about college student debt

Despite growing concern over loan burdens, some key data points remain completely unclear -- including how much students borrow, on average, at specific colleges.

CFPB is investigating Corinthian Colleges, possibly focusing on student lending

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau enters the for-profit fray with an investigation of Corinthian Colleges, that references the company's loans to students. Will investigation expand?


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