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New SAT Score: Adversity

College Board says tool will provide more context for admissions officers. Many are skeptical of the plan. Critics and defenders of affirmative action see different problems with the index.

If Dad Bribes Your Way In, Can You Sue to Stay?

Lawsuit raises new questions on scandal. Plus scandal updates: Were applicants urged to falsely claim minority status? A new film is in the works. An ex-coach pleads guilty.

‘Fulfilling the Promise’

Author discusses her new book about making school counseling reach its full potential.

Perspective From Last Admissions Scandal

Woman who lost her job at MIT over falsely claimed credentials now advises college applicants on importance of authenticity.

Deposits Are Down at USC

Admitted applicants would have been making decisions at time when admissions scandal was receiving much attention.

The Week in Admissions News

Problems with aid verification; value of college; race, class and education attainment.

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