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Teacher takes time to walk and talk with teen

Faculty, Staff Members Serve as Key Mental Health Resources for Students

A survey of Iowa community college employees found stakeholders want to support students’ mental health, but many feel underprepared to do so. University of Iowa researchers identified six solutions to help.

Voices of Student Success: Improving Textbook Affordability

Affordability is a top concern for higher education leaders, and professors are directly responsible for the affordability of their course materials.

Two young employees working together in grocery store.

Career Prep Tip: Helping Students See the Value in Summer Work

Research from a professor and staff member from the University of Pittsburgh shows an opportunity to help students connect how their work experiences provide them with professional skills.

A group of students sit at desks, hands on the desk with eyes closed, practicing mindfulness

Scaling Up: Teaching Students Meditative Practices

A decade-old initiative at Cornell University empowers students to destress and reflect through meditation sessions.

A green background decorated with colorful sticky notes featuring affirmations such as "I am confident" "I am strong" "I am living with abundance"

Campus Engagement Tip: Create an Affirmation Station

First-year experience staff at Lander University established a space on campus for students to reflect on their week, engage with their peers and share positivity.

Former LaGuardia students gathered at an alumni event

Success Program Launch: LaGuardia Community College Is Linking President’s Society Alumni

A new alumni network for those who have been through a student leadership program connects business leaders to students and each other, inspiring giving to the institution as well.  

A group of multiracial students talk in the library.

Teaching Students to Disagree Respectfully

Students say they are hesitant to engage in discussions on complicated topics. Here are some ways colleges and universities are teaching them to participate confidently in constructive dialogues with their peers.

A young person holds a pen and paper while talking with an older person, smiling.

Career Prep Tip: Incorporate Career Interviews Into a First-Year Seminar

As part of a larger career-readiness curriculum, students at Polk State College complete an interview with someone in their desired career field to learn more about the job and if it aligns with their interests.