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Misplaced Layoffs at CUNY

Layoffs disproportionately affect those who teach our students, rather than "slimming down the overstuffed, overpaid and frequently incompetent administration."

Don't Demean All Karens and Chads

A "hateful and demeaning" slap at people with names "given to us at birth and not ours to choose -- as if we are all implicitly morally inferior."

ICE Rules Are an Attack on Immigration and Higher Education

The rules on international students are part of what is akin to a Denial of Service attack by the Trump administration on higher education.

Flawed Attacks on the 1619 Project

I am dismayed by his dismissive use of a right-wing trope like “indoctrination” to denounce a viewpoint he dislikes.

Criticizing Without the Facts

Dr. Kim chooses not to address the substance of Dr. Kolnick’s article, whose concerns he claims to share, but instead seizes on a couple of generalizations about online learning in Dr. Kolnick’s piece.

Why Normal Arguments for Online Education Don't Apply Right Now

"What Mr. Kim ignores in defense of his focus is that we are now asking bus drivers to fly airplanes."

International Students Should Not Be in Remote Learning Environments

They "didn't travel halfway around the world to be told they have to sit in an apartment and stare at a screen all day."

Kim Versus the Generals

Dear Editor, I nodded in silent agreement while reading Kolnick’s " Generals Die in Bed " and noticed that Joshua...