College cases highlight complexity of same-sex, male-victim sexual assaults

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Colleges must take special consideration when addressing and preventing sexual assault involving male victims and gay or lesbian students.

Pleasing prevention educators, faculty get involved in the effort

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Staff who educate on health issues from alcohol abuse to sexual assault want help from the people students really look to learn from: faculty.

Sexual assault survivors tell Congress to increase protections in VAWA

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Survivors of sexual assault want Congress to expand protections and increase campus funding with the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act, but some say the provisions would go too far.

Colleges drop low-coverage student health insurance plans to comply with federal rules

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Some colleges, responding to rising premiums, are dropping student insurance plans in the wake of the health care overhaul. Most of those students will wind up with better coverage, officials say.

Looking back on a rocky few years, college health officials ponder what's next

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Campus health centers are being hammered by unusual circumstances as they struggle to stay afloat financially. A way forward, while unclear, is imminent, health officials said at a conference last week.

What we know about campus shooters

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Campus health officials don't have much to work with when trying to preemptively identify potentially dangerous students. Here's what they know -- and what they can do.

College Health Surveillance Network tracks nationwide student data

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An unprecedented national database aggregates student health records to track more detailed data and identify new trends in college health -- but it's not without difficulty.

HIV testing a complicated issue for health centers, study suggests

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New study suggests that college health centers either aren't prioritizing or don't know how to address the growing (but still rare) presence of HIV among young men who have sex with men. 

College health officials told incentive-based programs don't work

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Health promotion programs that use rewards to try to change student behavior invariably fail, speaker argues at annual meeting of college professionals.

Study suggests students ill-equipped to seek information on emergency contraception

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Just how effectively would students be able to find emergency contraception if college health centers were not an option? Not very, a new study suggests.


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