Mental Health Milieu

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Health professionals ponder the complexities of serving mentally ill students, while protecting their privacy and preventing stigmatization.

Suicide on the Mind

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Health professionals grapple with daunting statistics and share some strict strategies for preventing campus suicides.

Self-Injury Epidemic

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Study finds surprisingly high percentage of students who intentionally cut, burn or otherwise harm themselves.

Sleepy Hollow

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A push for 24/7 libraries and tech centers leaves some health professionals with wide eyes and worries.

Preventing Cancer

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Colleges plan to offer new vaccine, which could dramatically decrease cervical malignancies.

Nationwide Meningitis Vaccine Shortage

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Some colleges don’t have enough doses to vaccinate students; manufacturer pumps up production.

Contemplating Plan B

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How are campus health officials responding to the availability of the morning after pill over the counter?

A 'Strategic' Approach to Drinking

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Pre-game, pre-party, pre-funk ... how to pre-vent?

Call “pre-gaming” by any of its other names and it still translates the same for substance abuse specialists seeking strategies to control the ubiquitous “pre-party,” generally defined as a small group of students drinking together in a dorm room or other private space prior to an actual party or social event.

What's Next? Bubonic Plague?

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Ahh, the golden days of yore: family dinners in front of the fireplace, unlocked front doors, children riding bikes trailed by streamers, softly squeezing their horns as the ice cream truck sings – and mumps and whooping cough and tuberculosis, oh my.

Tragedy in an Elevator

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Student's death at Ohio State points to potential problem faced by many colleges with high-rise dormitories.


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