Alcohol Summer School

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More colleges require freshmen, as part of orientation, to take an online course on drinking-related dangers.

Colleges Push Meningitis Vaccine

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U.S. recommendation that residential freshmen get the shot prompts shift in institutions' policies -- and contributes to a shortage.

A Critical Look at Medical Education

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Studies in leading journal examine drug company influence, effects of long hours, and cross-cultural care.

College Is a Time of Changes

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New documentary series follows four students going through gender transformations.

Keeping a Close Watch on Students

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At Rhode Island, students protest rules on off-campus conduct; at George Washington, students object to dorm searches.

Bill O'Reilly Crashes the Party and Students Object

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It’s not his party, but Bill O’Reilly is crying when he wants to.

Not So Confidential Counseling

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Experts fear plan at George Washington U. to have psychologists share some information on students with administrators.

Cyber-Adderall Meets Finals

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As finals loom, students find more ways to illegally share stimulants, but health experts don't have a firm grasp on the extent of the problem.

Drug Warnings Could Protect Students, Too

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U.S. panel urges stricter warnings on ADHD medications, but kids and older adults aren’t the only concern.

Counseling Crisis

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Colleges face legal backlash when they bar students who report suicidal feelings or other serious psychological problems.


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