Putting That Science Degree to Work

Science and engineering students appreciate their degrees even decades later.

Heat Wave Heralds Climate Scientists

Record temperatures send the news media and the public in search of global warming answers.

Spend and You Shall Receive

New NSF data show slight uptick in federal share of academic research budgets -- with most funds going to colleges with existing infrastructure.

Science: Lost in Space

Three scientists who criticized NASA for moving funding away from research will no longer be offering their advice.

Grants Given, and Taken Away

150 students at Utah State awarded, then stripped of federal aid -- proof of confusing new U.S. rules, college lobbyists say.

We Regret to Inform You...

As NASA has moved money away from science, some researchers have lost money and young talent virtually overnight.

Fighting Back Against Extremists

Following increase in harassment from animal rights foes, UCLA announces campaign to protect researchers and their families.

Momentum for Open Access Research

Dozens of liberal arts presidents issue statement backing legislation to put federally sponsored research online, free.

The Real Barriers for Women in Science

National Academies report attributes underrepresentation to "implicit biases" and institutional policies, not lack of talent or drive.

Bias or Interest?

When polled privately, professors tend to explain gender gap in sciences as a matter of choices, not discrimination.


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