Bias or Interest?

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When polled privately, professors tend to explain gender gap in sciences as a matter of choices, not discrimination.

New 'Threads' for Computer Science

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Computer science -- like many businesses of a few years back -- has experienced a boom and bust in the last decade. First colleges couldn't expand programs fast enough to meet demand, but more recently students have been fleeing. The number of students taking Advanced Placement tests in computer science fell by 19 percent in the last three years -- even as other AP science programs were growing.

Uncertain Outlook for Science Funds

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Congressional support strong for Bush's competitiveness effort, but calendar and electoral politics make passage iffy.

When Knowledge Overtakes a Core

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MIT plan would broaden science requirements, encourage study abroad and curb AP credit -- moves that could be influential nationally.

Small Steps for Science Education

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Professors gather at Howard Hughes Medical Institute to consider how to make courses more effective.

It's Halloween Weekend on Campus

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At colleges across the country, students will be dressing up and downing drinks this weekend, engaging in any number of tricks not for kids. Traditions, new and old, die hard on Halloween. One legendary party is being resurrected, another lives on, while others on campus use Halloween as an opportunity to do good -- and even, strange as it may seem, to address the country’s challenges in science education.

Education Dept. Rebuffs Colleges on Rules

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In final rules for new grant aid, requests for modifications are repeatedly met with the phrase "Changes: None"

Can a Start-Up College Revive a City?

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In Harrisburg, Pa., public funds help a private college attract minority students to science fields.

Science Ph.D.'s Continue to Grow

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It is unlikely to quiet the burgeoning cries of alarm about a perceived crisis in American scientific competitiveness. But a new report from the National Science Foundation offers some evidence both of progress and of continued problems.

Back to the Basics on Science Education

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Carl Wieman, Nobel laureate, sees the scientific method as key to improving science education.


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