The Technology Mosaic

Harvard announces plan to create engineering school as Stanford and others join push toward interdisciplinary work.

The Hot Choice, Post-College

Teach For America sees record number of applicants, and is becoming more competitive than many top law schools.

The Future of a Dinosaur

Wireless technology and search engines are just two technologies that might be meteors from which the standard science textbook never recovers.

Bipartisan Backing for Science

The House Science Committee wants NSF's footprint on science education to increase.

The Disappearing Chinese Engineers

Influential report on the U.S. science crisis changes its numbers.

Competitiveness Initiative Advances

House panel backs full spending on Bush effort to double federal support for basic research in physical sciences.


Mac-using professors have been frustrated by compatibility problems when applying online for federal funds.

The Missing Doctorates

Black Ph.D.'s in science and engineering are more likely than others to end up teaching in non-science fields, NSF study finds 

A Push for Public Health

Impending retirements at time of cascading crises prompt expansion in college programs in the field.

Suicide of a Chancellor

Denice Denton -- a leader among women in science, under fire as head of Santa Cruz -- killed after jump from high-rise building.


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