AAUP report concludes that a professor at Community College of Aurora was likely fired for refusing to compromise on rigor in his courses as part of a "student success" initiative.
Survey of campus counseling centers finds increased demand for services, as well as additional positions and more diversity in hiring.
Liberal campus criticisms of the Trump administration and broader political environment are a dime a dozen. So a new denunciation of promised deportations and other rhetoric from faculty members at Christian and Catholic colleges stands out.
Each additional legislator who has attended public college in a state is worth about $3.5 million in state funding for higher ed, study says.
Associate degrees can lead to far greater wage earnings than certificates, a new report shows.


We can talk about teaching and student success without cherry-picking anecdotes that demean those who populate our classrooms, argues Joshua Eyler.
The eminent New Yorker writer Joseph Mitchell profiled the greatest anthropologist in the world -- and his fans somehow forgot about it for decades. Scott McLemee reports from the scene of the excavation.

Career Advice

In academe, many women of color are constantly pressured to overcompensate in ways that are unhealthy for themselves, their careers and their institutions, writes Yvette Alex-Assensoh.


Call to Action: Marketing and Communications in Higher Education

March 29, 2017
More than a color or slogan, effective brands fulfill promises .

Technology and Learning

March 28, 2017
On social learning, cooperation, and the value of sometimes going analog.

Student Affairs and Technology

March 28, 2017
The importance of digital fluency

Just Visiting

March 26, 2017
Elite institutions have a leadership jones, but they're not actually interested in leaders.


March 26, 2017
A Built in Buffer to Burnout

Law, Policy -- and IT?

March 26, 2017
Current events add to the importance of the issues involved.  

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