As demographics shift, the experiences of more and more students resemble those of faculty members less and less. How can faculty adapt to ensure these students succeed in a suddenly changing world, and how can institutions help?

Digital Learning, Transforming Teaching & Learning

Digital disruptors sharing racist, sexist and pornographic content in Zoom videoconferences show no sign of slowing down as “Zoombombing” trend grows.
States would pay for large chunks of the free college plans from Biden and Sanders, but the coronavirus is sending state finances reeling.
When the State Department made the unprecedented decision to suspend Fulbright grants worldwide last month, many grantees found themselves back in the U.S. without jobs, housing or health insurance.
Everything you need to know about higher ed and the coronavirus for Friday and the weekend in one easy-to-read package.
Even with COVID-19 present worldwide, they see need.
In response to COVID-19, leading institutions like Mizzou and UConn explored (many even have tried) hosting virtual events for admitted and prospective students using a variety of platforms, quickly learning that it takes a combined approach of software and strategy.


Colleges must immediately develop flexible financial planning that accounts for what happens in the spring and what might occur in the fall, write Brian C. Mitchell and Richard K. Gaumer.

Career Advice

Bertin M. Louis Jr., who has chaired and served on numerous search committees, offers four helpful tips.


Confessions of a Community College Dean

April 3, 2020
Synchronous courses, old friends, a mystery solved and a tribute.

Learning Innovation

April 2, 2020
Features pushed back for 90 days as Zoom focuses on privacy and security.

Just Visiting

April 2, 2020
We may be looking at teaching from a distance for the indefinite future. I had to figure out how to teach students I'd never meet.


April 2, 2020
As academia seems to forge sturdily ahead, the Internet bares our real COVID-19 anxieties

Call to Action: Marketing and Communications in Higher Education

April 2, 2020
If the comments from faculty on are any indication, university brands are in for a rough ride.

Leadership in Higher Education

April 1, 2020
… in the post-coronavirus world.

Online: Trending Now

April 1, 2020
As many of us are still grappling with the daily details of remote delivery of campus classes, we must turn our eyes to the summer and fall.
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