Board of Trustees pushes out interim president John Engler after nearly a year of tumult and eye-opening comments at Michigan State, including recent suggestion that some abuse victims enjoy "the spotlight."

New Hiring Models, Faculty

Erroneous job ads with the preferred candidates' names in the titles roil academics who have experienced "sham" searches.
University of Nebraska at Lincoln is under fire by students who thought police should not have mentioned in a campuswide bulletin that two men accused of sexual assault were black, believing that it reinforced harmful stereotypes.
A Trump administration proposal would set new rules for who qualifies as a regional accreditor, potentially forcing some oversight bodies to drop hundreds of schools if enacted.
Requiring that at least 40 percent of search committee members be female was followed by a drop in hiring of women, study found.


Many commentators have missed how Bloomberg’s seismic donation can shift donor culture in higher education for the better, argues Michael T. Benson.
The unprecedent size and chief intent of the donation help perpetuate notions that merit re-examination and debate, argues Arthur M. Hauptman.

Career Advice

Something is seriously lost when we as academics can’t connect back to ourselves, the world and what truly matters, writes Deborah J. Cohan.
Demographic projections for the next ten-plus years illustrate that college and university leaders must begin the planning process for enrollment in the 2020s right now by further differentiating their offerings to the distinct needs of new sets of students.


Just Visiting

January 16, 2019
Amy Lynch-Biniek recounts an MLA panel on contingent and adjunct labor with some thoughts on how to bridge the gaps and keep us from repeating the past.

Confessions of a Community College Dean

January 16, 2019
A struggling college and the success of community college transfer students.

Technology and Learning

January 16, 2019
*/ And when it comes to thinking about the future of higher ed, are we liberal university people more conservative than we realize?


January 16, 2019
Thinking throught the Peer Review system, especially for first time writers.

Conversations on Diversity

January 16, 2019
What language do diversity progressives have when marginalization is occurring but it’s not because of racism, colonialism or white supremacy?

Library Babel Fish

January 15, 2019
A court decision on the census is good news - for now.

Call to Action: Marketing and Communications in Higher Education

January 15, 2019
How the tactics we’re using to improve email campaigns might be limiting their power.
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