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When I got home Wednesday, I knew it had been an uncommonly good day at work, but it took a few hours to realize why.

I had five meetings (depending on how you count them), and at every single one, every interaction was constructive. Everybody focused on solutions. No blaming, no accusing, no evading. Just good-faith efforts to make something better, one meeting after another.

A meeting like that is energizing. Two on the same day would be extraordinary. But five in a single day, without a spoiler in the bunch? That’s astonishing.

Having worked at a number of places, this is not a shot at my current place. Five purely constructive meetings in a day would have been remarkable anywhere. It’s the workplace equivalent of crossing a city by car and catching nothing but green lights the entire way. So before I forget, I just want to commit this one to the historical record.

It’s probably too much to wish that for two days in a row, but it’s worth a shot …

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