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Well, you asked for it and we will commit to doing it.




June 27, 2012

Well, you asked for it and we will commit to doing it.

People have told us, in-person and through the blog and email, that they would be interested in a 2-day professional development program patterned after the Strategy and Competition in Higher Education course we ran in the spring.  This version would have an enormous amount of content and discussion packed into just two days – and there would be no homework, papers, or team projects.  So we will do it – but need your input. 

Many words are used to describe higher ed these days.  And over the past couple of years, the drumbeat about disruption and radical change in higher education has grown louder and more prevalent.  And yet. . . . what has changed fundamentally and what is about to change fundamentally?  And when?  How?  Great questions – let’s discuss them over a 2-day session.





So, a brief survey:

Which topics would you most like to discuss during the program:

1. The American higher education industry
2. The global higher education industry
3. Tools for strategic analysis (e.g., Porter’s Five Forces, competitive analysis, PEST analysis, etc.)
4. Ongoing and emerging trends in higher education
5. Buyers (e.g., students, parents, recruiters) and trends in this area
6. Suppliers to higher education (e.g., faculty, publishers) and trends in this area
7. Substitutes for higher education (e.g., on-the-job training, military service, no college) and implications
8. New entrants (e.g., new business models, start-ups, the role of the venture capital community)
9. Innovation in higher education – within traditional universities
10. Innovation in higher education – new entrants
11. Emerging and ongoing issues (e.g., certificates/badges, online education, competency-based assessment)
12. Competition among universities / new entrants
13. The future of higher education
14. Winners, losers and the implications for all of us
15. Other: Please specify



How to Vote:

Please put the numbers corresponding to the topics you would most like to discuss in the comments section and write in any other topics you would like to see included in the program.  


Pass it On!

We would love it if you would pass this blog post/survey on to others to comment so we can get a robust set of answers.

Thanks for your help in shaping the discussion and we hope to see you in the program!


Margaret and Dayna


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