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Halloween seems to bring out the best in higher education web-based creativity. When Todd Sanders (#SAtech Profle #1) sent me an email with "Academic Zombies" in the subject, I knew I was in for a treat! The Office of Academic Advising at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay (UWGB) has, according to Sanders, "taken to the social web in a big way since July. They've ditched safe and cautious, for risky and fun. This isn't a social web success story, it's a story on the reevaluation of current communication practices... daring to stand out, putting in the extra effort, not fearing failure."

UWGB Academic Advising has an extremely active Facebook Page. The page features videos, photos, polls, contests, information, and a decent amount of engagement for only having 273 "likes." The UWGB Academic Advising Twitter account has long been the envy of academic advisors due to its simple and straightforward username: "Advising." In September, they held a contest using Twitter while asking students about their secrets to successful studying.

UWGB has also started a new video series called "Your Diploma." While I'm not sure if this method of info-delivery will resonate with students, I did find the Diploma character to be rather entertaining.



This video is more entertaining than informational, and I think it actually might be the best way to use Diploma - not to deliver logistical content, but as a way to make advising more fun.



Note that the scream scene during the zombie video credit roll is UWGB's Provost, Julia Wallace.

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