Writer's Block and the Art of Blogging

Finding your way....

October 24, 2013

Sometimes I stare at a wall for a few moments before I begin to tap my fingers on the keyboard. Other times I peruse Twitter or click through my idea tag on Evernote. The conversations of the day mingle with the need for content. When asked today by a communications student at Boston University what I do about writer's block, I said that I didn't believe in it. Writing can always happen…it just might not be polished, perfect, or necessarily linear. My iPad is full of half-written digital scraps of ideas, thoughts, and concepts. I'm constantly playing with the art of writing.

Words that come to mind when I imagine what it must be like to hit the mental wall of writing include: rigidity, fear, focus, energy, and doubt. Writing is an exercise. Having just run the Portland Marathon this month, I'm reminded that the preparation for the marathon is what enabled me to finish 26.2 miles of monumental mental, physical, and emotional challenges. Months of training, intentionally being mindful of my nutrition, listening to my body, and consuming epic amounts of information about running are what made it possible for me to run for more than 4 hours. When we feel stuck on a writing project or a blog post idea just isn't bubbling to the surface, it's the preparation that we've done beforehand that will get us through, over, and around that "wall." Also, I ran a marathon because I fell in love with running. Do you enjoy writing? Do you enjoy blogging? Connect your heart to your head and you'll have an easier time with "getting your blog on."

Dear Linear Reader, I apologize for the lack of a set structure for this piece. Basically, it's okay to let your words flow and embrace the generativity of the form. Writer's block can only stop you if you let it. Dig a hole under that wall. Give the wall a bear-hug and embrace it. The "block" can be your best friend in that it pushes you to dig for something deep within. You'll find your art (and your way)…and before you know it, a post will emerge and you'll realize that blogging requires blogging.


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