Are You Not Working at Home?

Why people who don’t bring higher ed work home may be more productive.

November 5, 2015

I had a great discussion with a colleague today about how higher ed people work.

He claimed that a large percentage of higher ed staff don’t bring work home.

I told him that he was crazy.

Which one of us is right?

How much of your work do you do at nights and on the weekends?

In my life the whole workplace / home distinction is meaningless.  Work is where my laptop is, and my laptop is always with me.

If I only did e-mails while at work I would never get through e-mails.  Or I’d spend all my on campus hours on e-mail.

But maybe, just maybe, I’m getting this all wrong.

Perhaps the higher ed people who are able to keep work to work hours are more productive and happier.  The ability to separate work and home life may be a sign of organization and priority setting.  An indicator of superior time management abilities.

Or are there types of higher ed work that really doesn't lend itself to doing at home?

What work do you do, or not do, at home?



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