Senator criticizes 20 federally funded studies

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Republican senator renews debate over federal support for studies whose significance is not immediately apparent.

Barcelona's research efforts show success as Spanish higher education struggles

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A growing research institute -- operating outside Spain's standard higher education regulations -- attracts foreign talent in a city seeing increased prominence in higher education.

New analysis questions whether language blocks publication of work by nonnative English speakers

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Analysis finds little evidence linking language to acceptance or rejection by journals.

Rival editors raise questions about drug trial research funded and often controlled by manufacturers

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Rival editors raise questions about drug trial research funded and often controlled by manufacturers.

Study finds that long-term research collaborators see more citations

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Having a long-term research collaborator boosts citations, study finds.

Study suggests 'overflow' of scientific papers is eroding trust among scientists

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Study sees risk of work being repeated and of important findings being ignored.

Former marine biologist, in book, says science needs help from Hollywood

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Author discusses new book about narrative and what Hollywood has to offer science.

Research reveals that significant share of scholarly papers have 'guest' or 'ghost' authors

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Significant share of research papers have "guest" authors who didn't perform significant research or "ghost" authors who did but aren't named, study finds. Are grad students losing out? Are conflicts of interest hidden?

Essay on how new Ph.D.s should prepare resumes for nonacademic job searches


Joseph Barber explores how to think about your résumé -- and how to reshape the language you use -- if you are a new Ph.D. looking for employment outside academe.

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Author discusses new book on the flaws of institutional review boards

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Author discusses his new book seeking the abolition of institutional review boards.


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