California Bill Would Prevent AI Replacement of Community College Faculty

The new bill comes after concerns from several faculty members about AI’s classroom role.

Survey: Most Students Approve of Education Quality, Climate

Initial findings from Inside Higher Ed’s annual Student Voice survey challenge popular narratives about how college is failing students, while also pointing to areas for improvement.

Program Innovation: Getting Learners Involved for Academic Achievement

A longstanding program at the College of Charleston provides a cohort of encouragement and assistance for students not reaching their full potential to excel inside and outside of the classroom.

Student Wellness Tip: Making Counseling Centers More Inviting

To promote help-seeking behaviors and encourage students to utilize mental health resources, physical spaces in college counseling centers or campus facilities can reflect feelings of comfort and safety.

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Do Law Review Editors Have Academic Freedom?

Tom Ginsburg and Aziz Z. Huq argue that they do.

Whither OPMs?

The collapse of the online program management market in the eyes of investors points to the need to revise the model, Trace Urdan writes.

Helping Students Unlearn ‘Learned Helplessness’

The challenge is to promote help-seeking behaviors without fostering dependency, Erin Andrews writes.


Guest Post: AI Meets Academia—Navigating the New Terrain

James Bennett on how he’s using AI to help translate the ways of academia to students.

Featured Gig: Innovation Architect at University of Maryland Global Campus

Continuing a new series on academic innovation opportunities.

Higher Education Has Not Been Forgotten by Generative AI

The generative AI (GenAI) revolution has not ignored higher education; a whole host of tools are available now and more revolutionary tools are on the way.

Career Advice

In Praise of Lunch

Amid the stress and clutter of our daily lives, and the divisions that strain our politics and culture, we need sustained social engagement, Peter J. Dougherty writes.

Introducing the Engaged Associate Professor

Many of us are stuck well beyond the time it’s supposed to take to reach the rank of full professor, but that doesn't mean we're failing, writes Lauren Monroe.

The Power of Confident and Impactful Communication

Scholars must convey complex concepts in ways that make an impression, write Diane A. Safer and Susanna Baddiel, who offer a toolkit for doing so successfully.


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