Game-Changing Access to Academic Materials in Prison

Doing research on JSTOR is a routine part of many students’ college experience. Now that opportunity is available to hundreds of thousands of incarcerated people.

Is ‘Fatphobia’ the Last Acceptable Prejudice in the Academy?

A Cornell University philosopher is calling out the discrimination—which is often blatant—faced by scholars deemed overweight.

Career Prep Tip: Incorporate Career Interviews Into a First-Year Seminar

As part of a larger career-readiness curriculum, students at Polk State College complete an interview with someone in their desired career field to learn more about the job and if it aligns with their interests.

Teaching Students to Disagree Respectfully

Students say they are hesitant to engage in discussions on complicated topics. Here are some ways colleges and universities are teaching them to participate confidently in constructive dialogues with their peers.

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Lost in Ideology

Scott McLemee reviews Jason Blakely’s Lost in Ideology: Interpreting Modern Political Life.

DEI and the Necessity of Self-Defense

For defenders of campus diversity, equity and inclusion programs, now is the time to fight back, Mathew H. Gendle writes.

The Program-Level AI Conversations We Should Be Having

Now is the time to progress to program-level conversations around curriculum and learning outcomes, Kathleen Landy writes.


Will Students Benefit From Facial Recognition? No.

We shouldn’t even have to ask the question.

In Praise of the SAT

It is time to bring back the SAT.

DEI 2.0

How to create more pluralistic campus cultures.

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Safeguarding Black Women Educators’ Mental Health

Campus leaders and colleagues must recognize their battle fatigue—and the sophisticated racism at its root—and work to support them, write Jálin B. Johnson, Nakisha Castillo, Natalie V. Nagthall and Hawani Negussie.

The Virtues of Being a Selfish Teacher-Scholar

We’re pulled in many different directions and supposed to be jacks-of-all-trades, writes Anthony Barnhart, but that expectation is unreasonable.

Succeeding as a Gen Z Leader In Higher Ed

Megan Finlan advises how to manage and connect with a student team as an administrator when you just recently graduated yourself.


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