University of California Lifts Ban on Online Degree Programs

Even as the debate on online courses continues, the UC move is creating concern about shared governance between faculty and university leaders. 

The Joys of ‘Leading From the Margins’

Hollins University president Mary Hinton discusses her new book, about how her identity as a Black woman from the rural South shaped her approach to college leadership.

Texting to Get Tutoring in Students’ Hands

Students in English and math courses at Moorpark College weren’t using tutoring services, but now they can text their tutor to get help at their fingertips. The initiative has increased engagement with tutoring and raised passing rates in the participating courses.

Report: Elements of Success in Online Education

Fully online degree programs have the opportunity to serve today’s learners, but they must remain grounded in the best practices of learning and student support. A report from CHEPP identifies seven areas of focus.

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What Are the Values of a University?

Now more than ever, we need to affirm what a university stands for, Dan Edelstein writes.

Rethinking Grad Admissions in a Post-SFFA World

Nick Eubank writes that a mission-derived rubric can help programs admit students with a wide range of life experiences.

Whom Would Jesus Cancel?

Alex Small offers a Catholic defense of academic freedom in the wake of a Catholic University of America lecturer’s firing.


How Paul LeBlanc’s ‘Broken’ Inspired Jason Palmer to Run for President

A conversation with the candidate about the book.

Lessons From Michigan’s Continued Efforts to Make College Free

States can pass incremental efforts to make college more affordable.

Why an Owl’s Death Inspired an Outpouring of Grief

One death is a tragedy. A million deaths is a statistic.

Career Advice

Making the Most of External Review Letters

Their quality must improve, and with that the credibility of promotion and tenure as a professional process, says Richard Utz, who offers some guidelines.

Things to Consider Before All in Favor Say, ‘AI’

Graduate students and postdocs shouldn’t use ChatGPT to help write first drafts, says Jovana Milosavljevic Ardeljan, as it robs them of an important opportunity.

The Brain-Body Problem and False Work-Play Dichotomy

Creative writing classes are often Islands of Misfit Toys, but students today seem just plain broken, says Rachel Toor, who tried something new to help mend them.


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