A ‘Perfect Marriage’

A group of historically Black community colleges is joining the Thurgood Marshall College Fund. Leaders of the often-overlooked institutions say the move will bring them new and much-needed resources.

‘Blind Growth’ of Iran’s Universities Blamed for High Unemployment

Graduates make up 37 percent of the unemployed in a period of high inflation.

Telecounseling Talk: What Students Say

Student Voice data offer insight into students’ experiences with telecounseling. What can college leaders do to help ensure students are getting quality virtual care?

Positive Partnership: Creating a Nuclear Engineering Talent Pipeline

Tennessee Tech University established a partnership with a local environmental cleanup organization focused on career-readiness for engineering students to work in eastern Tennessee.

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Indigenous American Scholarships May Fall Short

Some recent scholarship programs for Indigenous American students don’t live up to the hype, Gresham D. Collom writes.

Welcome, Transfers! Prioritizing Students Coming From Community Colleges

Fixing the transfer system requires a changed collective mind-set and involves actions such as committing to accept both lower- and upper-division transfer credits, writes Lisa Vollendorf, president of Empire State University.

What’s a Word Worth in the AI Era?

Kartik Chandra offers a message to the Class of 2023: your words matter, now more than ever.

What Should Badges Add to the Curriculum? Nothing!

Instead, digital badges should enhance and highlight the value of what students are already learning, Aysegul Timur, Clay Motley, Glenn Whitehouse, Shawn Felton and Dave Jaeger write.


Racial Opportunity Costs

Why Black men aren’t transferring.

Apple Vision Pro and the Future of XR in Online Learning

An argument.

What the Faculty Needs to Know About the History of American Higher Education

Why illiteracy about American higher education exceptionalism matters.

Friday Fragments

Out-of-state tuition, skies like milky coffee and the launch of The Boy.

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The Benefits of a Presidential Teach-In

Patrick Sanaghan and Mary Dana Hinton offer an onboarding strategy for a new president and other senior leaders in which they become the students.

Forget the Failure CV

Researchers and other scholars need instead a shadow CV to highlight systemic inequalities, Cyrena Gawuga writes.

Career Centers Get a Makeover

As institutions place more focus on guiding students toward the best possible postgraduation outcomes, career services offices are getting extra funding and attention, data show.

How Much Do Students Pay to Attend Your Class?

Calculating the specific amount might make you—and your students—reconsider how you approach class time, writes Justin Shaffer.


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