The Trump administration is reportedly considering temporary restrictions on a program that lets more than 200,000 international students stay in the U.S. and work after they graduate.
More students are looking at delaying their enrollment in college. What effect will that have on educational outcomes?
The Trump administration reportedly plans to cancel visas of Chinese students who attended universities with ties to the People's Liberation Army. Some praise targeted approach; others see a slippery slope.
Amid the pandemic, charter school group plans to launch a new two-year college out of the ashes of Marlboro College.
Everything you need to know for Friday and the weekend about higher ed and the coronavirus in one easy-to-read package (with some distractions to help your sanity).
With Harmony, the intelligent chatbot, you can see exactly what current and prospective students are searching for on your website. Powered by relevant data, your Harmony team revises conversation flows for better outcomes. Here’s what students want to know now.


John MacPhee recommends that colleges take a comprehensive approach that includes four key actions.
Scott McLemee reviews Shakespeare and Trump by Jeffrey R. Wilson.

Career Advice

We call on ourselves as scholars to engage a wider audience in our work, but we must acknowledge the risks and consequences some of us face for doing so, write Laurie Cooper Stoll and Darci L. Thoune.


Confessions of a Community College Dean

June 1, 2020
A Glaring Gap at a Senate hearing.

Learning Innovation

May 31, 2020
Thinking about George Floyd.

University of Venus

May 31, 2020
“It’s true what they say about Reviewer Two,” a friend said to me recently, joking that his own second reviewer had been the one barring the way to his new article’s publication yet again, asking for another round of changes. 

Higher Ed Gamma

May 28, 2020
How our colleges can serve our communities right now.

Call to Action: Marketing and Communications in Higher Education

May 28, 2020
The playbook around digital content is being rewritten. Sometimes you just have to get information out there and get it out there fast.

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The California State University system announced on May 12 that its fall term would be mostly online. The system was the first major U.S. university to make this move, and the announcement set off a flurry of news media coverage and debate among policy makers and college leaders.

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