Large number of private colleges plan tuition resets next year despite many experts’ view that the practice is a gimmick. The colleges hope to grow enrollment, contain student costs and prove critics wrong. But it won’t be easy.
Education Department rescinds two guidance documents from Obama administration and issues new directions on how colleges should comply with Title IX. New regulation will follow a formal notice-and-comment period.
Survey that attracted attention with its findings on student attitudes on First Amendment and violence turns out to have been opt-in, leading experts to criticize it as, in the words of one, “junk science.”
Ball State Faculty Council debates how to assess commitment to diversity when using teaching evaluations, and how to phrase the question.
Howard students shout, chant and protest through a convocation speech by the former FBI director. Others offer views on the clash of words.
An alliance of 11 public research universities shows that sharing data, ideas and practices can help more low-income students graduate.
University receives relatively mild punishment from NCAA, even though former head football coach pressured faculty member to raise a player’s grade and didn’t act when players tested positive for drugs.


The most constructive response to Charlottesville would be for educators to make such learning central, writes Carol Geary Schneider.

Career Advice

Derek Attig provides resources to show how others have handled the exciting yet challenging process of figuring out what comes next.


Just Visiting

September 24, 2017
Trying to puncture the hype of ed tech journalism.

Confessions of a Community College Dean

September 24, 2017
Colleges and employee health care.

Technology and Learning

September 24, 2017
Lessons from my younger daughter.

University of Venus

September 24, 2017
We are looking for guest bloggers. 

The World View

September 24, 2017
Achieving world class status will increase their chances of better collaboration with highly ranked universities as well as increase chances to attract resources for research.

Library Babel Fish

September 22, 2017
Thinking about the Third World Quarterly situation.


September 21, 2017
Some advice about prioritizing.

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