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Making Their Arguments
Against Affirmative Action

Thirty-four briefs argue that Harvard and UNC, and other colleges that base their admissions plans on the Grutter decision, should be forced to change.

Figure 2: Unadjusted high school grade point average and ACT composite score by year, 2010 to 2021. The GPA line begins going up sharply in 2018.

Are High School GPAs Rising? Should You Care?

ACT says grades are rising. But a testing critic says ACT is exaggerating the problem.

Pablo A. Peña, a Hispanic man with gray hair, a goatee and glasses.

Do ACT and SAT Favor Older Students?

Scholar suggests they do and advises standardized tests to adjust some students’ scores.

The Week in Admissions News

Tuition rates are rising; tuition waivers for Native Americans; leaving college without a credential; Duke investigates plagiarism at commencement.

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