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Varsity Blues, Higher Ed's Image and Federal Policy

Scandal and data are fueling a growing belief that higher education is rigged for the wealthy, and are motivating Democratic allies to consider a harsher stance with the industry.

Advantages for Legacies and the Wealthy at Brown

It's not just what is considered in the admissions committee, but help that has been provided along the way.

Michigan Doesn't Consider Legacy Status, Except When It Does

University says that alumni relationships don't get considered, but website suggests otherwise.

Admissions Scandal and Pop Culture

Lifetime movie focuses on legacy admissions and revenge. Dr. Dre boasts about daughter getting into USC until critics note his mega-donation. Comedians continue to mine scandal.

When International Applicants Don't Have Documents

Colleges need to consider policies to help students in need, says new analysis from AACRAO.

The Week in Admissions News

Continued anger at Wake Forest; Trump's agenda for the Higher Ed Act; another closure; FAFSA filings.

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