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Anti-Gay Bias or Academic Freedom?

Is it legitimate for a college course to describe homosexuality as deviance along lines of drug use or prostitution?

'How to Be Gay'

U. of Michigan professor caused major controversy with course called 'How to Be Gay.' A dozen years later, he has written a book on the same topic.

Tide Shifts on Title IX

In perhaps the biggest campus change yet from a federal push for more accountability on sexual harassment allegations, North Carolina decides its unique student-run court is not fit for such hearings.

The 'Boy Problem' Examined

Girls of most racial groups are outpacing their brothers in attaining college degrees by almost 15 percent, a University of Michigan study shows.

New Scrutiny for Sex Assault Cases

Jury finds Sewanee negligent in its handling of a judicial hearing stemming from a rape accusation.

Tougher Line on Sexual Harassment

Two universities agree to take numerous steps to end investigations by the Education Department.


A number of universities have expanded health care benefits in recent years to cover sexual reassignment surgery for transgender students and employees, a move some see as an obligation for institutions with nondiscrimination policies that cover the population.