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A stone building with a wooden door topped by a cross on Franciscan University of Steubenville's campus.

A Catholic University Welcome Mat for Jewish Students Feeling Embattled

As tensions over the Israel-Hamas conflict play out on college campuses, an Ohio university offers expedited transfers for students dealing with antisemitism.

Fresno Instructor Arrested for Threats to Staff, Students

A Fresno City College instructor and former basketball coach was arrested Friday after allegedly threatening to shoot staff members and...
A group of protesters with a woman in the center holding a banner that says "Justice for Palestine"

A Day of Tension and Protests on Campus

Days after the Hamas terror attacks on Israeli civilians, pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli groups of college students clashed on campuses across the U.S.

A photo of Liberty University's campus

Liberty Flouted Federal Law on Crime Reporting

Preliminary findings from a Department of Education investigation of the evangelical university indicate years of missteps on issues of sexual misconduct.

Nichols College President Resigns Amid Misconduct Allegations

Glenn Sulmasy resigned as president of Nichols College Tuesday, two months after CNN first reported on his alleged role in...
An image of the text alert sent to Lane College students superimposed on a photo of a campus building. The text message reads, "Lane College Campus lock down, Campus lock down. Black male, dreads black hoody the area of Jennie Hall possibly armed. Any contact call JPD or Security."

A Lockdown, Then Criticism at Lane College

Some people on campus complained about a lack of communication during a recent lockdown. Lane administrators said they took all necessary steps to keep everyone informed.

Nichols College President Banned From Coast Guard Campus

Nichols College president Glenn Sulmasy has been banned from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy over allegations that he sent inappropriate...
The words "Title IX" against an orange backdrop of smaller words such as "health," "negligence" and "abuse"

U of Arizona Can Be Liable for Off-Campus Abuse

Reversing a previous decision, an appeals court ruled that the university could be responsible for off-campus abuse because the abuser was under its “disciplinary authority.”