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What’s New at University of Venus - Week Ending 29 October 2011

UVenus Around the Web: Profiling the Academic Blogosphere : Lee Skallerup Bessette at UVenus at The Guardian (UK). What’s New...

How to Motivate University Students

What is motivation? On one hand we mean motive, or the reason for doing something; on the other we mean the energy and enthusiasm a person invests in the thing that she or he is doing. When teachers are talking about motivating students, it seems to me that the two meanings are conflated.

Getting into the [Dis]comfort Zone

In travel, detours present unlikely possibilities. As an academic, I have taken very few of these in my quest to get published and move at the top of my specialization. I have always taken a purposeful approach towards my time and effort-- whether attending a conference (network! find publication outlets! project collaborators!) or picking a topic to read or write about (must tie in with the military! build up, not out, onto existing corpus of personal publication!).

Getting into the [Dis]comfort Zone

Iloilo, Philippines Rosalie Arcala Hall writes about her experiences in getting outside of her discipline and growing as an academic.

Teach or Perish

Those of us who have been, or are, in graduate school have come across this mantra: publish or perish. What is important about this phrase is not only the unrelenting pressure it puts on graduate students and early career faculty to publish, but the unspoken lack of emphasis it places on teaching

What’s New at University of Venus - Week Ending 22 October 2011

UVenus Around the Web: Dr. Davis tried to decide whether she matches Elizabeth Lewis Pardoe ’ s definition of a...

Attention Academics

Women in the media. The latest news for the academic audience News about women always represents a big part of...

So it's Sunday evening and I'm in my office on campus.

I like being here when it’s unnervingly deserted. It’s a great time to make sure I’m up to speed on...