Dickinson State President Resigns, Blaming Nursing Board

In the fallout from the mass resignation of Dickinson State’s nursing faculty, President Stephen Easton said North Dakota’s nursing board prevented him from quickly restaffing the program. The board says that’s not true.

Campus Protest Hearings Continue at the State Level

Critics have argued that this spring’s federal antisemitism hearings were driven largely by politics, but state lawmakers and experts see local hearings as a necessary and fruitful part of legislative oversight.

Data-Based Decisions Tip: Building a Data Community of Practice

A short course at Portland State University empowers stakeholders to use data sources and consider equity in student success measures.

Campus Engagement Tip: Train Student Mentors to Assist At-Risk Learners

A peer mentorship program at Saddleback College in California both helps students feel engaged at the university and provides early alerts to the institution.

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Working (and Learning) Hard for the Money

Iris Palmer writes that restructuring work-based learning to expand paid opportunities could help community college students stay in school.

Prepare Now for an Election Firestorm

Campus leaders should prepare for a fall term that could make spring look calm by comparison, Matthew Kuchem writes.


3 Questions for MIT’s Michael Patrick Rutter

On adding the role of online M.B.A. student at BU’s Questrom School of Business.

Calling B.S. on the AI Education Future

The “queen of the internet” is full of something…

Career Advice

Ungrading for Hope

Tony Perman shares four key benefits and how, at best, ungrading helps create a classroom community that can take a semester’s journey in tandem.

Conferencing for Career Development

Katie Homar provides advice for making the most of conferences, especially during the early stages of your career or in transition phases.


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