Colleges Work to Recover From the CrowdStrike Outage

Though not as debilitated as hospitals and airlines, some higher ed institutions canceled classes or went without Wi-Fi. Some experts say it’s a wake-up call.

New OPM Regulations Aren’t Coming Until 2025, if They Happen at All

The Biden administration has pushed off new regs that have loomed over colleges and outside contractors for months. But the threat of them has already created waves across higher education.

Campus Engagement Tip: Create a Commuter Orientation

Colleges and universities target off-campus students with additional resources and socialization opportunities during the orientation process.

Student Wellness Tip: Offer Free Menstrual Products

Colleges are expanding access to hygiene products to improve basic needs support and promote student wellness.

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The Progressive Case for Reforming Higher Ed

Customized, digital education offers a path for progressive reform, Michael D. Smith writes.

Information Deficits Undermine College Access

Financial issues aren’t the only barrier to access, Siva Kumari writes.


Beyond the Degree: Empowering Graduates’ Futures

Strategies for combating postcollege underemployment.

Exploring Academic Innovation Roles With Nathan Greeno of 2U

Insights from 2U’s SVP of global business development on key questions for academic innovation leaders.

Career Advice

Grad Students Must Focus on the 6 P’s

By focusing on purpose, priorities, purse, positioning, politics and people, you can develop a strategic approach to your work, advises Dinuka Gunaratne.

Grandiloquent and Sesquipedalian or Pompous and Pretentious?

Paul T. Henley explores some of the terms and phrases that are too often co-opted, misused or mangled in academic language.


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