Majority of Grads Wish They’d Been Taught AI in College

A new survey shows 70 percent of graduates think generative AI should be incorporated into courses. More than half said they felt unprepared for the workforce.

Report: Predictive Models May Have Bias Against Black and Hispanic Learners

A recent study from the American Educational Research Association’s journal finds predictive models can perpetuate social disparities and assume worse outcomes of some racial and ethnic groups.

Undergraduate Research Experience Increases Retention, Engagement at WVU

An apprenticeship initiative at West Virginia University has shown success at retaining learners of all backgrounds.

Academic Success Tip: Helping Students Engage in Critical Thinking, Media Literacy

Students can be afraid to share how they’re feeling in the classroom. Three higher education experts shared their best practices for skill development and creating a supportive classroom in a recent ACUE webinar.

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How Do I Teach at a University That Wants Me in Jail?

Rosemary Admiral writes that her sense of belonging at her institution has been shattered.

The Progressive Case for Reforming Higher Ed

Customized, digital education offers a path for progressive reform, Michael D. Smith writes.


Restaging the Suffrage Fight in ‘Suffs: The Musical’

The challenges of bringing the suffrage movement to life through song and story.

Featured Gig: Associate Director, Kirwan Center for Academic Innovation at the University System of Maryland

Are you running a search at the intersection of learning, technology and institutional change?

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3 Ways to Improve Your Summer Writing Practice

Erin Marie Furtak has found that asking herself three questions has helped her transition not just out of the academic year but also back into the fall term.

Grad Students Must Focus on the 6 P’s

By focusing on purpose, priorities, purse, positioning, politics and people, you can develop a strategic approach to your work, advises Dinuka Gunaratne.


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