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Alternate Angles

You can finish your dissertation and also get ready for non-academic careers, writes Sabine Hikel.

Adjuncting at a For-Profit

An adjunct who has taught in many sectors says some things aren't so different, but others (such as curricular control) certainly are.

Interview Meals

Rebecca Aanerud and Jerry Baldasty explain what (not) to eat, and the nonculinary questions that should be your focus.

E-Mail Frustrations

Academics need some rules and some discipline, writes C.K. Gunsalus.

Can We Discuss This (II)

Sometimes, everything goes wrong in a class discussion. Rob Weir has strategies to turn things around.

Composing the CV

Want to impress search committees? Don't leave mysteries, follow your discipline's conventions, and use flair for your writing, not your fonts, suggests Teresa Mangum.

The Conference Scene

Eszter Hargittai considers where and when to take your work public.

Too Much to Say? (II)

Peg Boyle Single wants to (briefly) discuss more issues raised by having too much material.