Lawmakers Query Bush Budget for Science Education

House hearing on president's 2008 plan renews concerns about shift of funds from National Science Foundation to Education Department.

Failings of Science Education

Papers at AAAS identify failings of computer science, undergrad instruction and belief systems in the United States.

Best Practices in Undergrad Research

New book offers examples of successful research initiatives at colleges across the country.

Science Competitiveness, Bit by Bit

House panel approves bill to bolster physical sciences research, after stripping provisions that bogged it down last year.

Pork Spending Drops Drastically

Watchdog group says this year's dip in Congressional earmarks, a controversial funding source for research initiatives, was a fluke.

The New Polytechnics

Institutions embrace name that dates to early days of engineering education, using it to designate hands-on, practical programs.

Paying by the Program

Public institutions nationwide are increasingly varying undergraduate tuition rates by major.

A Lab of Their Own

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute initiative intends to increase number of women who are full professors in the sciences.

Bill on Science Teacher Ed Advances

House committee sends scholarship legislation to the floor with few major changes.

Nurturing the Next Generation

U.S. House panel debates what the National Science Foundation can do to support young researchers with risky ideas.


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