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ChatGPT Can’t Teach Writing

Automated syntax generation is not teaching.

3 Career Questions for Kaplan’s Kaitlin Dumont

Navigating work and life at the intersection of academia and ed tech.

The Politics, Psychology, History and Sociology of Conspiracy Thinking

Why popular culture loves conspiracies and what that means for college teaching.

Creative Thievery and the Higher Cribbing

Thinking seriously about scholarly originality, borrowing, appropriation and theft.

3 Questions for the University of Rochester’s Eric Fredericksen

A conversation with a professor and associate vice president for online learning.

How to Structure the Fractional CMO Role to Increase Institutional Focus and Effectiveness

In this second post of our two-part series on FCMOs in higher education, Suzan Brinker dives deeper into considerations for the position and how to set your institution—and your FCMO—up for success.

Year 3 of ‘Beyond Transfer’

Disrupting the (surprisingly hardy) status quo around transfer and credit mobility.