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Longevity Declining Among Campus Employees: What’s to Lose?

More than half of college employees say they’re likely to leave their jobs in the next year, a new survey finds. The most common reasons: prospect of higher pay, an opportunity to work remotely and more flexible work hours.

Our Higher Ed Housing Crisis and the B1M Infrastructure YouTube Channel

Riffing on the latest video on London’s Battersea Power Station conversion to luxury housing.

Advice for Presidents From the Ghost of Diana Vreeland

What the former Vogue editor might have told today’s campus leaders about how to dress (and very much how not to).

Would Free College Boost Humanities Majors?

I asked, and 266 people to answered that question.

Friday Fragments

An unusual September, a survey crashes and burns, the “community college wage penalty” is discredited, and the uses of “notwithstanding.”